8 Proven Ways To Nail A First Date– And Improve The Chances Of Getting A Second

April 5, 2021by Ogunlowo Samiah0

One good turn deserves another simply because it’s gooooooood. You have not gotten a follow-up date simply because…? 

No! you don’t suck, you have just been doing it wrongly. 

When it comes to dating, first impressions matter a lot. It is what sabotages the chances of having subsequent dates. Planning and going on a date can be nerve-wracking. People often crumble into pitfalls because they are tied between not wanting to come on too strong and coming on too strong.  They subconsciously let nervousness and anxiety overshadow whatever awesomeness they got under their sleeves. It is no juju and you have not been cursed. That is just what a date does, especially the first ones, it Sparks a fire of emotional complications and leaves the brain and the heart fighting for domination.  

Everybody knows the pressure of a first date. From searching for that perfect outfit to hunting for ways to be engaging and dissecting each detail when it’s over to check for mistakes. Dating as it is can make even the most confident person lose his cool. Bad dates are so traumatic that they leave the victim with low self-esteem and a conviction to never go on dates ever. But the good news about bad dates is- it is preventable!  

With the right strategy, even a clueless teenager can avoid some of the most common pitfalls and anxieties that send chances of a follow-up date down the drain. Below are 8 proven ways with which  you can make a date memorable:

1. Dress comfortably but to impress  

While picking what to wear, think first about your comfort. Do not complicate your dressing because you want to make a statement. Tidy up, wear a nice perfume and if you are a lady, add a simple make-over to augment your look. 

2. Don’t Overcomplicate things  

Truth is, your date is as nervous as you are. 

First date with someone you know almost nothing about is loaded with uncertainty. It is already weird enough that you are trying to befriend a stranger. Try not to make things more muddled by attempting to organize the ideal heartfelt dinner, or arranging an entire outing. Keep things short and basic instead. A cup of coffee or a simple walk in the park is enough to realize if your date is someone you would want to invest more energy with. What’s more, if things work out positively, the simple evening walk may transform into a proper lunch or dinner. 

3. Avoid your Phone – Completely!  

Show your date how important it is for you to get to know them. Your phone should be on silent and either in your pocket or bag.

4. Prepare some first date topics  

There is nothing more awkward than a date where the two parties run out of things to talk about.  Just as you wouldn’t go for a job interview without prior preparation, do not go on date without preparing some engaging conversations. Ruminate about the kind of questions you could ask, and some interesting answers to the questions that may come your way. Don’t treat the first date like an actual interview, though, or you’ll set alarm bells ringing.

5. Listen! Listen!! Listen!!!  

Everybody loves listening ears. As much as you may want to seem engaging, interrupting your date will give you that no follow-up date faster than you can imagine. You are on a date so you can know your date better, that is exactly what you should do. But on the flip side, don’t let your date do all of the talking. The trick is to listen intelligently and respond appropriately. 

6. Where is your sense of humor 

First impressions can not be over-emphasized. It only takes a few seconds for someone to form an opinion about you based on your appearance and demeanor. A great way to make a positive first impression is a great sense of humor. Another very important thing to do is to smile. Smiling is one of the habits of likable people, a sign of happiness and trainable skill. By smiling more, not only will you start feeling better, but you will also project some of that positivity onto those around you. 

7. Be true to thyself 

The last thing you want to do during a date is lying or be a fake. Do not in the mood of trying to impress paint yourself in colors that you are not. Dating shouldn’t be about who is the most amazing or who is with the most accomplishments, It’s about finding someone you care about and can connect with; someone who makes you happy, and who you can make happy in return. This is only possible when you are yourself and allow your authenticity to shine through.

8. What does a good date deserve?  

So you had a good date, the chemistry you thought you felt during your conversation on the phone is even stronger and now you can see how much you have in common. Amazing! But what’s next? A  good date deserves another – a follow-up! 

Here is what you should do, after that amazing date, make sure your date gets home safely. Send a  text soon after just to say what a great time you had, and suggest a time and place to meet again.  Don’t expect a reply immediately, and don’t be impatient or else you’ll seem desperate. Remember,  if you followed all these tips, went into your first date with a smile, a bit of confidence, a refined sense of humor, and a willingness to listen, then you’ve probably already set yourself apart from the competition. 

Ogunlowo Samiah

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