How to get your first date on Sturrd

March 26, 2021by Clinton Oyelami0

Going on your first date on Sturrd is not hard stuff to get done, just like you post your status updates on other social media timelines. It’s pretty much the same experience on Sturrd, just that this time it is date requests you’ll be posting and interacting with.

First things first….. Your Profile

The way your profile looks is a great factor in getting people to show interest in your date request, use neutral pictures that portray your personality, keep your bio short and precise, stay funky! It’s dates, not a job interview LOL.

Make the first move

Be bold, post a date request! Although you can show interest in other people’s dates on Sturrd, but the chances are lower compared to actually posting your own date request and owning the game. You’ll get noticed faster this way, you can still show interest on active date requests while you keep receiving interests from other users interested in your date request. This ups your chances of getting a date.


Share your date requests

Once you’re done posting your date request, you can go ahead to screenshot your request and share on other social media apps, e.g. share on your WhatsApp status, Twitter timeline, Instagram, or even Facebook. You can tag Sturrd on Twitter and we’ll quote your date request tweet.

Indicate interests on nearby date requests

While you wait for other users to show interest in your date request, you can go ahead and indicate interests on available nearby date requests.

If you have suggestions or questions about how to go about dates on Sturrd, you can comment below on this post or send us an email here

by Clinton Oyelami

Clinton is the Co-Founder & CEO at Sturrd, he is passionate about improving social interaction and the daily lifestyle of people through tech and community development

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